Since the beginning in 1965, Köppern has continually improved its ECM-technology for contract manufacturing. This enables us to offer our customers a broad range of machine capabilities, starting from the smallest needs and ranging up to 15 tons with a maximum diameter of 2.5 m. The ECM-machines are always integrated into our unique electrolyte-treatment system, which keeps the process as environmentally friendly as possible in line with economic feasibility.

Our new production facilities, acquired in 2002, comply with all relevant safety standards and offer ample space to extend the process. The ECM-machinery installed in our factory can accommodate anything from single workpieces to large-scale production runs.

Using capabilities provided by Maschinenfabrik Köppern, our ECM-facility is also able to take on conventional milling work as well as machining using automatic lathes of up to 50 tons. For more information go to this page.

In 2007, Köppern decided to invest in a new area of ECM-technology known as ‘Combined Pulsed ECM‘ or PECM. This technology raises ECM’s level of precision without significant loss of machining time. Our PECM-machine was the first piece of ECM-equipment built entirely by Köppern.

In 2015 we began the construction of one of Europe’s largest ECM-machines, deploying the newest technology for pumps, turntables and CNC-controls up to 20 kiloamps of electrical current.


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