Our Know-how

Backed by decades of experience, Köppern offers its customers the support of qualified engineers and technical advisers who are able to assist in:

analyzing process-related problems, and
providing solutions to optimize your machining operations
Working closely together with our customers, we develop machining concepts, build prototypes and undertake the in-house design, manufacture and assembly of ECM-tools, or manufacture single products or series. All products – from blanks to finished parts – are manufactured by Köppern ECM in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards and in line with customer specifications.

Using capabilities provided by Maschinenfabrik Köppern, our ECM-facility is also able to take on conventional milling work as well as machining using automatic lathes of up to 50 tons.

The deployment of ECM-technology requires the creation of a common iterative process with the customer. The resulting designs are predominantly foreseen for conventional machining, yet a more fluid and dynamic optimization than originally planned may emerge from developing a tool with ECM-processing in mind.

For the development of especially complex ECM-tool structures, Köppern uses a broad spectrum of manufacturing techniques, ranging from selective laser sintering, 3D printing and wire erosion to conventional machining methods such as drilling and milling.

Since 1965, Köppern has continuously trained its specialists in the areas of maintenance, toolmaking, the operational handling of ECM-machinery and equipment, and especially in tool design. Over time, we have significantly extended our expertise, especially with regard to complicated, high-precision tools ranging from fluid flow engines, turbine and hydraulic drive parts, hydraulic retarders etc. to the machining of parts for the medical sector, such as orthopedic implants. Consequently, our team today is made up of highly qualified specialists who are also experienced in the processing of a wide range of different materials, such as titanium and its alloys.

The development of the iterative process brings together the areas of consulting, engineering, toolmaking and serial production, which of course includes quality assurance.


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