Applications for the automotive and shipbuilding industries

ECM-processing of front-wheel ABS hubs

ECM-processing is used here to produce an ABS/ASR interlocking system in a single operation. This requires a high-precision electrode, made of sheet metal, to machine the 48 gaps required, each 2.2 mm wide, 1.5 mm deep and 15 mm long. This process is carried out on a multiple tool, so that an average of almost 68 front-wheel ABS hubs can be produced per hour with a surface quality of Rt= 8 µm.

Piston heads for heavy diesel engines

The following example of a piston head for heavy diesel engines, typically used in the shipbuilding industry, shows up ECM’s completely flash-free machining capability for large components.

This demonstrates the ability to die-sink complex geometries in a single operation. In this particular case, the outer plate has a diameter of 190 mm and the machined contour a maximum depth of 14 mm. Smooth, streamlined rounded forms and a high surface quality of at least Ra=0.8 µm for the various inner and outer radii are of particular importance for this component.


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